Tale of the Drysdale

The Drysdale sheep was bred, not surprisingly, in the Golden Age of Glamour, the 1930s. Two unique types of sheep, the Romney sheep and the Cheviot sheep, which had an unusually coarse fur and grew quickly, were specially bred together to create the Drysdale sheep, whose wool carried the combined properties of those of both the Romney and Cheviot sheep.

The Drysdale Sheep are native to New Zealand and are rarely found anywhere else. The fact that these sheep are generally raised in one area adds an exciting exclusivity to its wool.

This wool is then extracted and processed to provide you with our top quality, one-of-a-kind Flokati Rugs!

Beautiful in Every Way

Nature has perfected the wool of the Drysdale Sheep. It’s dense and strong, and yet, its soft and luxurious features make it ideal for rugs and carpets. The natural coarseness of the wool ensures that it is there to stay in your home for years to come. Combined with our unique production process, the hand-woven fabric of the Flokati rug provides you with a genuine, aesthetic look and feel of an elegant artifact.

The Drysdale wool carries another distinct quality: it can be effortlessly dyed, which is part of the reason you will observe various different styles and colors in our catalogue. Nevertheless, the natural, bright white blend of the wool is also a magnificent, original rug feature; a trait only the Drysdale wool provides.

Another particular benefit of the Flokati Rug is that it eliminates the static electricity problem, something that’s generally encountered with other rugs.

This gorgeous rug boasts a rich, cultural history in each and every aspect, and is so durable that it lasts for generations. Get in touch with us, and make this beautiful item yours today!