Looking for that perfect picture for your little one, with a gorgeous backdrop to go with your child’s heart-melting smile? Well, look no further!

Get Creative – So Many Options!

Thousands of parents are rushing to get their hands on our original, hand-woven Flokati rugs. Made in Greece from the authentic New Zealand wool, these rugs are known to be the most comfortable rugs available in the world. If you are looking for guaranteed comfort for your little one, along with a gorgeous, plush look and feel – this is it.

Our rugs come in various sizes, pile heights, and of course, colors, which range from warm and cool tones to trendy retro and pastel ones. The natural, creamy color, though, is the most popular choice for newborn photo shoots, simply because of the soft, cozy look that it gives in the background of your adorable little baby, amplifying the warmth and beauty of the picture.

Always Worth it

Whether it is for a photo shoot of your charming little one, or for making a gorgeous addition to your home décor, a Flokati rug is always worth it! An original rug is crafted with natural, special wool and traditional techniques, which ensure that our rug is durable enough to last you for years to come. Flokati rugs are incredibly easy to care for, and if kept with love, they will certainly last you long enough to be handed down to your children.

What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite one today, and capture beautiful memories of your baby looking like an angel sleeping in a pile of fluff!

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