We offer a gorgeous range of Flokati rugs in various colors, sizes and densities, so you can pick the one that fits perfectly into your décor!


Typically called grades, each density is based on the weight of the wool per square meter of the rug. The higher the density, the more wool is used, and the thicker your rug will be.

Wondering which rug to buy? Pick your favorite from the three different types that we offer:

Standard Flokati:

Density: 1,400 g/m2

Pile Height: 1.5”

The least expensive rug type, which goes easy on the budget, and is best for areas with low traffic, such as a guest room.

Premium Flokati:

Density: 2,000 g/m2

Pile Height: 2.5”

A great, all-purpose rug, and best for areas with medium traffic, such as bedrooms. Super-soft and warm, it offers a blissful alternative to stepping onto a cold, hard floor in the middle of the night!

Ultra Plush Flokati:

Density: 4,000 g/m2

Pile Height: 4” (or more)

Ultra-durable and soft, this rug can handle almost anything life throws at it, and is best for areas with high traffic, such as a living room. Make sure you take it outside and fluff out any dirt from time to time, to preserve its longevity.


Available in sizes as small as 2’ x 5’, up to 10’ x 16’ for larger rooms. Pick the most suitable size for your room in any of the three density types, and give our experts a call today!


Choose from a diverse range of colors, including warm, cool, neutral and dark tones, or go for some fun retro colors, or even cute pastels that will look great in a kid’s room. Check out the available colors below.