An Opportunity Knocking At Your Door

Calling all Real Estate agencies and Interior Design companies! Flokati Rug Express brings to you an opportunity of a lifetime to earn some extra income while sitting in the comfort of your own office.

Your company will earn a whopping 10% commission on each sale that is made through you. All you have to do is showcase the rugs made by Flokati in your storefronts and displays, and guide your customers to buy our top quality rugs.

This is our way of showing our gratitude to you and your business for partnering with us in a venture that will be profitable to all the parties involved.

Comfortable. Stylish. Luxurious.

At Flokati Rug Express, we believe in providing excellent value for money to our valued customers and partners. Made in Greece with the authentic wool of New Zealand, our high-quality rugs speak volumes of the values we believe in.

Selling our rugs will be an easy task, but customers may want to know a bit about our offerings, such as the availability of the rugs in a diverse range of colors and sizes suitable for the varying needs of our customers, instructions on how to clean the rugs if they become dirty and so on. Caring for Flokati rugs is easy and inexpensive too, and if kept properly, they are durable enough to last for generations.

Having our rugs in your store or office will ensure that it stands out from others. Not many people will be able to resist touching the tender fibers or sinking fingers deep into the luxurious, soft pile. At Flokati Rug Express, you can find 100% original Flokati rugs, which are the epitome of comfort, style and luxury.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our Reseller Commission Program!